The Ancient City of Xin’an Teams Up with Superunion for a Brand Overhaul

    By The Staff - Aug 27, 2021
    The Ancient City of Xin’an Teams Up with Superunion for a Brand Overhaul

    The ancient city of Xin’an in Shenzhen has appointed creative brand agency Superunion, to support a complete brand overhaul that includes strategic brand, experience and communications planning alongside a total revamp of visual identity.

    “Our aim is to activate Nantou City, bringing out the best in both Chinese traditions and modern creativity, organic and sustainable development vitality to the town,” said Huang Nan, General manager of Shenzhen Nantou City renovation project.

    “As we see the Greater Bay Area continue to thrive and develop, our goal is for Nantou City to retain it’s original architecture, which is reminiscent of Lingnan/Cantonese styles from the Ming and Qing dynasties, but inject modern elements to build the city toward a young and collaborative melting pot.”


    The brand revamp is set to be revealed at the end of this year.

    “It is both exciting and challenging to curate a brand strategy and positioning that addresses the delicate balance between maintaining history and making it relevant for contemporary times. The Vanke team has demonstrated astonishing execution and sensitivities in revamping the old city and we’re honored to be part of this meaningful project in bringing their vision further to life,” said Maggie Chien, Business Director Superunion China.

    “We want to reveal that hidden charm of Shenzhen Nantou City and build an innovative and consistent visual system that communicates the city’s values. In our view, Nantou city is not just a historical landmark that you visit once, but a place that you want to come back to time and time again, to relax, to stay, and to grow with. Instead of commercializing, we want to build the city into a sustainable cultural center and and integrate it with the local lifestyle.”



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