Thanos Crashes Through Japanese Newspaper in Avengers Ad Campaign

Image: Reddit

As part of the lead up to the release of the Avengers Infinity War, Marvel Studios has released a clever ad in Japan’s Asahi Shimbun newspaper featuring Thanos (the film’s protagonist) crashing through what looks to be a regular page of articles, photos and blurbs about the movie.

A Reddit user posted a shot of the ad over the weekend.

Cool advertisement of Infinity War in the Japanese newspaper Asahi Shimbun from r/marvelstudios


“If you took Darth Vader, and you multiplied him times ten … Our job with Thanos is to make him the preeminent villain in the Marvel universe.” co-director Anthony Russo told those gathered for a set visit last year. “That is his role in the comics, that’s his role in these movies, and in order to be a preeminent villain, you have to do some pretty bad things.”

The film is set for release later this month.


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