Grab a tissue, Ogilvy & Mather back with Another Tear Jerker Thailand Insurance Ad

[su_heading size=”22″]Ogilvy & Mather Bangkok is back with an addition to the famous series of drop-dead sentimental TV spots made for Thai Life Insurance. And just like all the previous ads, we dare you not to cry.[/su_heading]

Ogilvy & Mather Thailand has developed the fine art of turning on the waterworks. Though the world-renowned ad firm is charged with marketing Thai Life Insurance with these ads, one has to wonder if they’re not deeply invested in the tissue market.

Like previous spots including “Street Concert”, “Giving is the Best Communication” and “Silence of Love”,  the commercials (which are really more short films) reach down to the soft spot inside of us all and touch something deep with their family-related themes.


In the latest, called “Garbage Man,” a teacher asks her class to draw a superhero. While later grading the assignments she is taken aback by one boy’s drawing of the superhero “Garbage Man.”

We’ll leave it at that and let you experience it for yourself.

 Here are a few more drench-worthy favorites


Ok, time to go to the store for more tissues. Which is your favorite?