Thai Health Promotion and Major Cineplex Team Up To Take Down Our Biggest Threats

    The obstacles to overcome include cinema texters and body-bursting livers.

    By Sam Roth - Jan 12, 2021
    Thai Health Promotion and Major Cineplex Team Up To Take Down Our Biggest Threats

    The Thai Health Promotion Foundation and Major Cineplex have launched a joint campaign. The series of funny shorts created by Leo Burnett Thailand showcases the deadly threats that our bodies face and the much more horrible threats a viewing audience may need to overcome.

    Such as people texting nearby…

    The classic cinema-inspired spots are the latest in a long line of funny stuff coming out of Thailand.

    There’s King Kong kicking planes out of the sky, only to realize the woman he’s holding is smoking. He tosses her aside because no one wants to be near that, just like no one wants to be near someone using their phone in the theater.

    There are the stormtroopers who encounter an alcoholic on some far off planet. Just as his bloody liver bursts from his body as it doesn’t want to be with a drunk, “the mobile phone doesn’t like to be with a phone addict in the cinema.”

    And just as exercising is best for our body and helps us outrun ogres, movies are best when we’re undisturbed.



    Title: Space Trooper / Kingkong / Ogress
    Client: Major Cineplex Group and Thai Health Promotion Foundation
    Agency: The Leo Burnett Group Thailand
    Chief Creative Officer: Sompat Trisadikun
    Creative Director: Piti Pongrakananon
    Copywriter: Vachira Pashekrepapon, Patipan Srilapan
    Art Director: Kroekkiat Chanthakitnukul, Bunyawee Thanyapitak, Sompat
    Account Management Director: Tida Vibulvanich
    Account Director: Kanitta Chartpong
    Account Executive: Maythavee Jariyanoppanan
    Agency Producer: Sarawut Lertkittipaporn
    Production Company: Mum films
    Film Director: Suthon Petchsuwan
    Production Producer: Nara Montrekul Na Ayudhya
    Cinematographer/D.O.P: Teerawat Thitikornwanich

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