Brand Element Design: Thai Beer Packaged to be Sold in Japan – Bakuzou Beer

These very cool cans of Thai beer put together by the creative mind of Shuko Ikemura at 3onkey Design, are made to appeal to the Japanese market while using the age-old thai symbol of the elephant.

From the brief:

Designed for a can of Thai beer which will be sold in Japan. We’re targeting younger Japanese, most likely in their 20s. Recently, the trend for selling foreign beer in Japan it to give them a more ‘Japanese feel’ before selling them to the Japanese market.


At first, the client wanted to do it this way because it has been proven for many beers. However, I felt that if we wanted to differentiate the beer in the market, it would be advantageous to emphasize that this is beer from Thailand, if the market were receptive.

Lately, Thai cooking has enjoyed popularity in Japan, and a survey amongst young people showed a positive attitude towards South East, so we decided to try something new and brand it as a Thai beer. What’s Unique? The designed is given an exotic feel by the elephant and beer foam. –

Agency: 3onkey design
Designer: Shuko Ikemura
Project Type: Produced, Commercial
Work Client: A trading and beverage company
Location: Tokyo, Japan

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