Tencent Video Campaign Preserves Expressions of Viewers in Hourglass Display

As Tencent Video aims to be the largest streaming video social media platform in China, The Nine Shanghai has created “a journey of Time and Memories” in a new campaign entitled “Preserving Great Moments”.

The concept involves people watching their favorite TV shows or films in a 6 x 6 meter room, while 66 panoramic cameras capture their expressions and gestures while viewing.

15 of these moments and then 3D-printed into sculptures, which were sealed in hourglasses, “referring that those cherished moments were frozen and preserved, thus, turning regular daily life into great moments.”


The Nine then made an exhibition installation with the special hourglasses which was displayed in Beijing and Shanghai.

Here is a case video of the campaign (in Chinese).

Founder and Chief Creative Officer: Jody Xiong.
Art Director: Jody Xiong.
Copy writers: Candy Chen, YiXiao Chen, Jun Cao.
Designers: Jody Xiong, Lingwei Hong, Hu Mo.
Account Manager: Xin Yang, Nancy Yang.
Production House: Gwantsi.
Director: Jody Xiong.
Technical support: PINLA3D.
Photographer: Shanghai Faner Culture Communication

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