Telekom Malaysia Appoints Dentsu Creative as Creative Partner

DENTSU CREATIVE Malaysia has been awarded as one of the Panel Agencies for TM Group and its subsidiaries as Creative Partner.

As part of the appointment, DENTSU CREATIVE will be the Lead Creative Agency for Unifi Mobile, responsible for developing campaigns in the Prepaid, Postpaid and Devices segments through strategic thinking, creative development, and go-to-market activation for the next three years until April 2026.

Having demonstrated their strategic and creative strengths in a multi-agency pitch, DENTSU CREATIVE will now focus on partnering with Unifi Mobile for their growth agenda which requires differentiation and cut-through creative thinking.


Kunal Roy, Chief Executive Officer, Dentsu Creative Malaysia said, “We’re incredibly proud to be recognized as one of TM Group’s Panel of Agencies and to lead the Unifi Mobile creative remit. We’re particularly pumped about Unifi Mobile because the brand has a new personality and big ambitions. At DENTSU CREATIVE , we believe the big challenges are where the power of creativity is best evidenced. We want to be TM Group’s partner for growth and through our approach to Modern Creativity, we will ensure that whatever we do has a real impact – on business, for the brand, in society and culture. Of course, all of this is only possible if we have the right people coming together for a shared purpose and we’ve put a great team together for this new partnership.”

Rishu Verma, Client Partner, DENTSU CREATIVE Malaysia mentioned, “I am honored to lead the TM and Unifi business at DENTSU CREATIVE and we’re already working very closely with our clients and enjoying the spirit of partnership. Having put together a great team, we are now fully ready to keep pace with and even accelerate Unifi’s growth trajectory. In the months to follow, there’ll be some distinct and impactful work coming out of the DENTSU CREATIVE kitchen for Uni5G and we’re all very excited about the future together.”

DENTSU CREATIVE is eager to deepen its partnership and commitment to the brand by crafting campaigns to not only elevate Unifi’s market position but also forge a strong and lasting connection with consumers. Recognizing the shifting dynamics of market expectations, DENTSU CREATIVE is poised to revitalize Unifi to capture the hearts and minds of consumers. The agency is committed to fostering a solid and enduring relationship with Unifi through open communication, transparency, and a shared vision for success.


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