TECNO Launches Inspirational ‘Don’t Stop Rising’ Campaign for Youth in the Philippines


Technology brand TECNO launched its brand campaign called “Don’t Stop Rising” in the Philippines which includes a new brand manifesto video “Never Not Ready”.

TECNO aims to highlight the drive of young Filipinos to forge their path and create opportunities. The campaign serves as a call to action, urging young people across the country to embrace every moment, make it their own, and never stop rising to be their best selves.

MRM China, part of McCann Worldgroup China, partnered with TECNO to create and deliver the campaign which takes flight with a compelling and creative music manifesto, “Never Not Ready”, transcending traditional brand films.


According to the campaign, the video looks to embody the core spirit of contemporary Filipino youth – they do not wait for the perfect moment to be prepared; instead, they seize the opportunity to rise: A fashionista can discover creative ways to express herself on social media by using light from just a CD; a game lover never misses opportunities to enhance his gaming skills, even when waiting for coffee; a passerby can grab a basketball that comes to his feet, shoot and score; and a dancer can spontaneously choreograph and create captivating TikTok content anytime, anywhere.

“We deeply understand Filipino consumers, which is why TECNO is initiating this exciting campaign after TECNO’s rise in Philippines in recent years,” said TECNO’s Chief Brand Officer, Lucia Liu.

“Today we are not just launching a marketing campaign but creating something that deeply resonates with the essence of Filipinos, establishing an emotional connection with them and giving them a strong voice-out about their inspiring ‘Never Not Ready’ attitude to life.”


The campaign notes that in its position at the forefront of business and innovation in the Asia-Pacific region, the Philippines is experiencing rapid economic growth. Simultaneously, the youth in the Philippines are rising to keep pace with the nation’s development, including pursuing higher education to meet global standards.

“The rising spirit of young Filipinos is to create their own opportunities in life instead of waiting for the perfect chance to find them,” said a release.

“This spirit is seamlessly reflected in the daily lives of the local youth – always prepared to seize opportunities, showcasing unlimited potential and creativity.”

The stories in the manifesto video are all drawn from the real-life experiences of Filipino youth. Take starring influencer Kush Obusan and CJ Villafuerte’s journeys as examples. Back in her university days, Cush was already active in the fashion industry as a fashion photographer. While her peers were still on campus, preparing for future careers, Cush was ready to pursue her dream. Now, she has become an influential voice in fashion for Gen Z on social media.

CJ’s story is equally compelling. His passion and talent for gaming propelled him into the gaming livestream industry, laying the foundation for his subsequent success. Today, he not only livestreams games but also manages ventures in property leasing, restaurants, and skincare. In his words, “In every battle I face in a game, I see it as an opportunity to strive for victory and to rise for a better self, just as I face every day in my life. I am ‘Never Not Ready’ for the daily challenges we encounter.”

“We are very excited to help TECNO launch its brand-new manifesto in the Philippines and hope the campaign can strike a chord with Filipino people and engage more consumers. It demonstrates the brand’s genuine commitment to grow with their consumers. As their  strategic creative partner, we are delighted to help TECNO create this meaningful connection,” said Jo Liu, Deputy General Manager of MRM China.


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