Team Lewis Celebrates Milestone for Community Campaigns

Team Lewis announced that it has supported over 1,500 community causes around the world marking a new milestone in philanthropic funding. In the past three years, the initiative has channeled millions of pounds in cash, donated time, and resources.

Every year, the initiative incentivizes colleagues to donate £1,000 of company cash to a community cause. Every time this happens, they receive a cash bonus. Alongside this financial commitment, the team donates award-winning marketing campaigns that help raise further awareness and funding.

In 2023, the initiative also brought two hundred causes together to share resources and discuss problems. This was done through a series of events in America, Europe and Asia,


Samuel Dean, CEO of Team Lewis Foundation, said: “The important people here are the leaders who stand up for their community when times are tough. They deserve all the thanks. It’s a privilege to stand by them. They are our inspiration.”

Read the report here. 

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