Kim Jong Un Riding a Peasant for Taiwan Tea Company Leads to Western Expansion Plan

When you think about tea from Taiwan, is North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un the first person that comes to mind? Probably not. But it was worth taking a shot at it.

Earlier this year Taiwanese tea chain, Chatime, hired the Melbourne-based Sphere Agency to put together an ad spot with caricatures of the brutal young dictator and his tattered peasant sidekick –which he literally rides around.

Things went well enough with the campaign that Chatime has tapped Sphere to help them expand beyond the APAC region and into the Western market.


Henry Wang, global chairman of La Kaffa, views the brand has having the potential to emulate the success of Starbucks.

“We believe that Chatime can be for the East what Starbucks has been to the West, and Sphere’s experience in building food and hospitality franchises will play a pivotal role in taking us to that next level.”

“Chatime has enjoyed an excellent period of growth across Asia and the Pacific, and we have exciting plans to expand our reach into new markets and make Chatime a truly international drink,” he said.


The Sphere Agency head, Michael Abdel, added: “We couldn’t be prouder to see our work hitting the world stage. Chatime is the world’s leading bubble tea brand and the task of introducing the product to a whole new audience during this exciting period is a challenge we’ll relish.”

Will it work? Who knows? We’re just cynical observers who like a good laugh –sometimes at the expense of others.

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