TBWA\India Wins Creative Account for Dixcy Scott

    By The Staff - May 24, 2021
    TBWA\India Wins Creative Account for Dixcy Scott

    Dixcy Textiles has announced a partnership with TBWA\India to establish a unique brand voice and take charge of the creative portfolio for Dixcy Scott.

    “We are happy to partner with TBWA\India on our journey to meet our vision for the Dixcy Scott brand. We see significant opportunities for growth, and we are confident that TBWA will help us create a compelling identity and voice for the brand that resonates with our customers,” said Zoher Kapuswala, Head – Marketing, Dixcy Textiles.

    “We welcome TBWA\India onboard and look forward to working with them.”

    Dixcy Textiles Private Limited aims to provide innerwear products at competitive prices through brands like Dixcy Scott, Josh, Uno and Slimz.

    “With the revamped product line, Dixcy was looking for an agency partner to align the brand positioning of Dixcy Scott with their new vision and direction. The Indian innerwear category is highly competitive yet similar in messaging,” said Govind Pandey, Chief Executive Officer, TBWA\India.

    “We are thrilled Dixcy has entrusted TBWA\India to partner with them on this journey and create a bold and distinct new space for the brand. We both see this as a fantastic opportunity to do some lovely breakthrough work for the brand.”


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