TBWA\HAKUHODO’s Kazoo Sato Unveils his Design for The Tokyo Toilet Project

Kazoo Sato the Chief creative officer at TBWA\HAKUHODO, has designed ‘‘the most hygienic public toilet’’, as part of The Tokyo Toilet project, an initiative sponsored by the Nippon Foundation that will include 17 unique facilities designed by leading local and international designers and architects.

Kazoo’s facility, which he designed in collaboration with TBWA\HAKUHODO Disruption Lab, distinguishes itself via its “Voice Command” operational capabilities. COVID-19 amplified the perception of public toilets as filthy and increased concerns around infection through contact of surfaces.

The voice command allows users to open and close the door, to flush, to activate the handwashing, even to play music.


Located in the heart of Tokyo’s commercial and financial center, Shibuya, the toilet has recently opened to the public. The bright white spherical building will feature a ceiling height of up to four meters, which is also shaped to control air flow and prevent odors from stagnating. A 24-hour ventilation system that combines natural air supply and mechanical exhaust is installed for air control.

The Tokyo Toilets 17 public facilities can be used by anyone in Shibuya, Tokyo, as a way of moving toward the realization of a society that embraces diversity. The facilities are gender-inclusive, accommodate the elderly, parents of young children, and those with disabilities.

While toilets in Japan are recognized as some of the most innovative designs globally, the perception towards public toilets are dark, dirty, smelly and scary. The project also aims to dismiss these perceptions by collaborating with 16 leading creators from Japan and abroad, including Kazoo Sato to showcase the endless power of creativity and design.


The Kazoo-designed toilet will be the 12th toilet that is open to the public.


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