Target Shows Aussies that Christmas Can Be Like Christmas Should Be

    By Harold Henry - Oct 29, 2020
    Target Shows Aussies that Christmas Can Be Like Christmas Should Be

    It’s meant to be a time of relaxation and celebration, but for many parents, the festive season is a lot of hard work. That’s the idea behind Target’s new Christmas campaign, created by AJF Partnership.

    “Parents put so much hard work into making Christmas special for their families,” said Josh Stephens, executive creative director at AJF. “This campaign is all about acknowledging the exhausting lengths we go to, but also highlighting how Target can make it so much easier to find all the special things we need.”

    A mom and dad traverse rugged landscapes and travel to far off lands in search of the best tree, decorations, and gifts. Their effort and determination are sweet – but evidently, it’s exhausting.

    Only at the end of their journey do they discover that everything they need for the perfect Christmas is in one place – Target. Of course.

    “With the great work Target has done in making the quality of our products and shopping experience both online and in-store better, naturally we wanted families all over the country to look at Target as the better destination for all things Christmas,” said Target general manager of marketing, Mark Verbrugge.

    “This campaign celebrates the breadth and quality of our offering which ultimately helps to create memorable and meaningful moments for our customers and their families,” said Verbrugge.

    “Target has really stepped up the quality and style of their Christmas collection, and we wanted to deliver that message with a knowing smile.”


    Client: Target
    General Manager, Marketing: Mark Verbrugge
    Head of Brand Communication and Customer Experience: Nicole Gillard
    Head of Creative: Nunzio Miano
    Snr. Marketing Manager Brand & Communications: Laurelle Esse
    Marketing Specialist: Hannah Summerill

    Agency: AJF Partnership
    Executive Creative Director: Josh Stephens
    Head of Strategy: Pieter-Paul Von Weiler
    Group Account Director: Emily Pockley
    Creative Director: George Freckleton
    Copywriter: Carly Dallwitz
    Art Director: Jess van der Vlierd
    Senior Account Manager: Lucy Bell
    Senior Producer: Liesel Haug
    Planner: Hayley Read

    Production Company: Sweetshop
    Director: Joel Harmsworth
    Producer: Niko Aulich
    Executive Producer: Greg Fyson
    Managing Director: Edward Pontifex
    Offline / Grade / Online: ARC EDIT
    Editor: Graeme Pereira
    Music Studio: Rumble Studios
    Composer: Adam Moses
    Music Executive Producer: Michael Gie
    Sound: Final Sound

    Media – OMD
    Business Director: Mandie Gilchrist
    Account Manager: Andy Mitchell


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