Tamara Oppen Named Australian Managing Director by GoDaddy

    Oppen previously held senior executive roles at News Corp Australia.

    By Katerin Pantaleon - Mar 23, 2021
    Tamara Oppen Named Australian Managing Director by GoDaddy

    GoDaddy Inc announced the appointment of Tamara Oppen as its new Australian Managing Director. Oppen will lead the company’s Australian operations and growth.

    Prior to joining GoDaddy, Oppen held senior executive roles at News Corp Australia, including General Manager of News Local, Commercial Business Transformation Lead and Strategy, and Operations Director.

    She was co-founder of Pivot.ly, a digital transformation consultancy. Previously, she was CEO of Mable, a health tech start-up.

    “I’m thrilled to join GoDaddy and lead a team that is dedicated to empowering millions of Australian small business owners and entrepreneurs and helping them realize their digital potential,” said Oppen.

    “As an entrepreneurial startup founder myself, I can relate firsthand to the challenges of running a small business. I am eager to share the benefits of GoDaddy products and services, including our Websites + Marketing tool, with Aussie small business owners and entrepreneurs, as they continue to embrace digital transformation and grow their ventures.”

    Oppen will aim to assist customers through product innovation with a focus on e-commerce enablement, education, and customer support.

    “We’re committed to helping customers easily and affordably get online and build thriving businesses with our integrated suite of digital tools, including Website Builder and Online Store,” added Oppen.

    “We will continue to deepen the value we offer, particularly in the e-commerce space, where we’re building seamless, intuitive tools that enable them to sell online around the clock and around the world.”

    Oppen holds a Bachelor of Communication degree from the University of Technology, Sydney, and is a graduate of the McKinsey & Company Executive Leadership Program and Australian Institute of Company Directors.

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