Taiwan Mobile Rebrands for Transformation Into 5G-Technology Company

Taiwan Mobile has launched a brand refresh which is at the heart of its new business transformation strategy and the launch of its 5G services.

Created by the global brand agency Superunion, Taiwan Mobile’s new brand expresses its desire to help the customers achieve more and dream bigger, and is articulated in their new positioning of “Open Possible”. As Taiwan begins to enter the 5G era, Taiwan Mobile is transforming from a telecommunications company to a united technology ecosystem through the integration of its core telecommunications network with key offerings in e-commerce, broadband internet, and cable media.

Per the release:


Superunion’s year-long project began by establishing a deep understanding of the business strategy and vision of Daniel Tsai and the board of directors to determine the company’s future direction. Internal staff, multiple generations of consumers and Taiwan’s most influential key opinion leaders were also consulted to examine the possibilities for the transformation, which also included the option of a name change. The findings have resulted in a new brand strategy, messaging and visual identity that signals a new era of Taiwan Mobile and its offer to future generations.

“What a hugely exciting moment of creative transformation for Taiwan Mobile,” said Benedict Gordon, CEO of Superunion Asia. “Open Possible is a call-to-action for the next generation of consumers in Taiwan who are looking for progressive, digital-first experiences. We’re very proud to have played a part in defining the next chapter for such an iconic brand.”

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