Switzerland, Too Perfect for De Niro

    Even Roger Federer can't convince De Niro to help make a Swiss tourism ad.

    By Asia Ad Junkie - May 12, 2021
    Switzerland, Too Perfect for De Niro

    The Swiss Tourism Board, in collaboration with Wirz BBDO, has launched a new campaign featuring tennis superstar Roger Federer and Hollywood icon Robert De Niro.

    As parts of the world cautiously try to re-open for travel following more than a year of devastation from the covid pandemic, it’ll become increasingly more important to stand out from the crowds in an attempt to win what tourism business exists.

    It’s safe to say the Swiss have done just that in “No Drama.”

    As Federer tries to pitch De Niro to participate in a Swiss film project, De Niro sternly rebuffs him, letting him know that he needs conflict, he’s that kind of actor.

    “You got your mountains, your skiing resorts, your charming little towns, green valleys. There’s no drama!”

    Switzerland, it seems, is just too damn perfect for De Niro. After Federer begrudgingly admits that it is in fact too nice, pretty, and peaceful for the Taxi Driver star, De Niro fires back.

    “That’s exactly what I’m talking about! You guys are too nice. You should have said ‘fuck you!'”

    Following shot after shot of stunning visuals of all those perfect Swiss places, the 90-second spot culminates with one final dig at notably less grumpy old man, Tom Hanks.

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