Sustainable Futures Collaborative’s New Identity via Studio Ping Pong

“Our goal was to ensure that the identity captured the organization’s progressive approach and vigor, while maintaining accessibility and gravitas.”

Sustainable Futures Collaborative (SFC), an independent research organization that analyzes pressing issues related to climate change, energy, and the environment, has launched its new identity and branding collaterals in collaboration with Studio Ping Pong.

In an era where sustainability and the future are intricately intertwined with the passage of time, the sun emerged as a fitting symbol for SFC’s mission to drive policies that pave the way for a new dawn of environmental justice.

“The sun was chosen due to several factors. An ever-present cosmic phenomena, it is an abundant source of clean, solar energy,” said Kritika Trehan, Founder and Creative Head at Studio Ping Pong.


“Across cultures, the sun embodies hope, longevity, and energy, all of which aligned perfectly with SFC’s overarching objectives.”

To encapsulate the essence of SFC’s work, the visual identity married functionality with symbolism. Two distinct typefaces, IBM Plex Sans and Lusitana, were chosen for their structured aesthetic and readability.

“Our goal was to ensure that the identity captured the organization’s progressive approach and vigor, while maintaining accessibility and gravitas,” said Sanjana Vamadevan, Designer at Studio Ping Pong.


As a prolific producer of publications, SFC required imagery that not only complemented its research but also underscored the urgency of its mission. Public domain images, enhanced with strategic color treatments, serve as poignant visual metaphors for the effects of global warming.

Moreover, the incorporation of gradients, each corresponding to a different sector of SFC’s work, reinforces the organization’s multifaceted approach to climate policy, adaptation, and resilience.

Operating at the intersection of academia and institutional advocacy, SFC’s branding strikes a delicate balance between formality and dynamism. Natural hues, rendered as restrained gradients, evoke both the stark reality of climate change and the collective optimism for a sustainable future.

With its new identity and branding collaterals, Sustainable Futures Collaborative reaffirms its commitment to driving meaningful change in the fight against climate change and environmental degradation.


Client: Sustainable Futures Collaborative
Creative Agency: Studio Ping Pong
Creative Director: Kritika Trehan
Designers: Sanjana Vamadevan, Isha Gharpuray

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