‘Surprise Test’ For Parents Who Push Their Kids Maybe a Bit too Hard

    By Diana Gadong - Mar 16, 2018
    ‘Surprise Test’ For Parents Who Push Their Kids Maybe a Bit too Hard

    BIC Cello has launched a short film spot in the India market aimed at changing the perception of those parents who drive their kids too hard to score well on exams.

    “We at Cello Pens, understand the kind of stress that students go through during exams,” said Tanveer Khan, Director – Marketing (CMO – India), BIC Cello. “While setting expectations for their children’s sake, parents at times unknowingly put pressure on their kids before exams, adding to their overall stress.”

    “After last year’s Exam Expert TVC where we empathized with children facing exam pressures, this digital film was a natural progression,” Hanoz Mogrelia, ECD, J Walter Thompson Mumbai. “Not only was it great fun working on this brief for Cello Pens, it was also a matter of pride, standing beside them for this message.”


    Managing Partner: Rajesh Gangwani
    Chief Creative Officer: Senthil Kumar
    National Creative Director: Tista Sen
    ECD: Hanoz Mogrelia
    Senior CD, Copy: Kashyap Joshi
    Senior CD, Art: Rithwick Raghunath
    Senior Copywriter: Mrunal Naik
    SVP: Samarth Shrivastava
    VP: Giridhar Bhat
    Account Manager: Neha Singh
    Film Producer : Firdaus Bohari



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