Supercell’s New Spot is a Thriller through the Streets

    By Asia Ad Junkie - Feb 15, 2021
    Supercell’s New Spot is a Thriller through the Streets

    The mobile game Supercell has launched a new campaign in collaboration with Mother Shanghai. The one-minute spot showcases Supercell’s Brawl Stars, as a family team battle for all ages to play when returning home for Lunar New Year.

    Through the dark and foreboding streets of China, a young man heads out on a mission to uncover a mysterious player’s identity. It’s a cinematic thrill ride that bounces between suspects from the principal to a hairdresser, to his grandpa, to a group of ballerinas, to the triplets, to the neighborhood butcher…It could be anyone.


    Chinese director and screenwriter, Diao Yinan worked with Mother Shanghai to bring the action to life.

    “Now’s the time of year we’re bombarded with traditional Lunar New Year commercials filled with red, lucky symbols, plotlines involving family reunions… We knew we wanted to write a story that had nothing to do with any of that,” said Winson & Wanshi, Partners at Mother Shanghai.

    The campaign will run from mid-February and over Spring Festival on cinema and social media.



    Client: Supercell
    Agency: Mother Shanghai
    Screenwriter: Mother Shanghai
    Director: Diao Yinan
    Assistant Director: Zhong Beier
    Director of Photography: Dong Jinsong
    Set Designer: Liu Qiang
    Music Composer: B6
    SFX: Li Danfeng
    Production Company: Keypoint Production
    Visual Effects: Pixomondo
    Typographer: HeFan

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