Super Bowl: Hulk Takes on Ant-Man over a Coke

While disappointing that the Hulk will not appear in the upcoming Captain America: Civil War (which just got a brand new 30-second spot) at least there is solace to be had in seeing the green guy in a fun new 60-second Super Bowl spot with Ant-Man.

OK, not really. We want more Hulk!

Anyway, in this spot the mini super hero Scott Lang, aka the Ant-Man, snags a coke from Dr. Bruce Banner, who spots him in the act as he walks into his lab. This makes the big guy a little angry and you know how that usually goes. Enjoy.

Unfortunately, this will be all we get to see from Ant-Man and Hulk for the next few years. Hulk is expected to next be teaming up with Thor for Thor: Ragnarok.

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