Suncorp Creates ‘One House to Save Many’

    A documentary has launched to detail the project as well.

    By Asia Ad Junkie - Apr 19, 2021
    Suncorp Creates ‘One House to Save Many’

    In response to rising temperatures and the increasing severity of weather in Australia, insurance giant Suncorp has rolled out an ambitious new project in collaboration with Leo Burnett and The Glue Society.

    The group worked with James Cook University, the CSIRO and Room 11 Architects to design and construct ‘One House to Save Many,” a home capable of withstanding flood, fire and even cyclones.

    The intent is to help reduce the displacement and disruption of life for Australians living in areas where these events are more intense and frequent and to actually help change the way houses are built in the future.

    The story was brought to life through a documentary.

    “The aim of One House to Save Many is to highlight how we can improve the resilience of our homes and encourage homeowners, governments and industry bodies to view resilience as a vital consideration for homes today,” Suncorp EGM Brand and Marketing, Mim Haysom.

    “The project was designed to generate conversation around building standards – as these must continue to be reviewed as the severity and frequency of our weather events increases.”

    “We’re so passionate about ‘One House to Save Many’. This is an idea that has the potential to affect thousands of peoples’ lives. It’s remarkable to see how, time and time again, Australians demonstrate their resilience in the face of natural disasters,” Leo Burnett Executive Creative Director, Andy Fergusson.

    “Working with Suncorp, we wanted to do something that makes a tangible difference – that prompts changes in the way homes are built and encourages people to see that more needs to and can be done to withstand the inevitable impacts of climate change. ‘One House to Save Many’ aims to make more homes as robust as Australians themselves.”

    Starting with earned media from 13th April 2021, the integrated paid omni-channel campaign launches from 18th April 2021


    Client: Suncorp
    EGM Brand and Marketing: Mim Haysom
    Head of Mass Brands and Sponsorships: Rapthi Thanapalasingam
    Suncorp Insurance Manager Marketing: Travis Hughes
    Suncorp Insurance Marketing Lead: Jade Thomas
    Suncorp Content Lead: Lyndall Theodore & Ashika Naran

    Creative Agency: Leo Burnett Australia
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    Project, Documentary & Film Production
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    Stills Production: Flint
    Photographer: Andreas Smetana
    Producer: Taryn Mueller

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