Strong Girl Nam-soon Poster Doubles as a Drug Test Kit in Campaign via Cheil Worldwide

To help prevent drink-spiking crimes in South Korea, each Drug Test Poster contains 27 detachable drug test kits

Image via Cheil Worldwide




Cheil Worldwide

Cheil Worldwide and South Korean television network JTBC have collaborated on the creation of a poster that not only promotes a new television series but also works as a drug detector.

The “Drug Test Poster” hypes the Korean television series “Strong Girl Nam-soon,” which revolves around the story of a mother-daughter trio across three generations born with superhuman strength getting to the bottom of an emerging drug crime around the Gangnam district in South Korea.

According to Cheil Worldwide, the poster is made with an actual drug test strip to raise awareness and to protect people from the dangers of drink spiking – putting drugs into someone’s drink without their knowledge – which is often associated with sexual attacks.


The campaign adds that recently there has been a significant rise in drug crimes in South Korea. According to research, drug crimes in Seoul are most common in areas that adjoin affluent neighborhoods where the younger generation flock to enjoy nightlife – such as Gangnam district, according to a campaign release.

Image via Cheil Worldwide

“Drink spiking cases are particularly dire because the drugs mixed into drinks are colorless, odorless, and tasteless, leaving the victims vulnerable to such attacks,” Cheil Worldwide said, adding that “cases of drink spiking at nightclubs and drug scams targeting students in private cram school areas of Gangnam shocked many people.”

To help prevent such drink-spiking crimes, each Drug Test Poster contains 27 detachable round-shaped drug test kits. People can separate the kit from the poster and use it if they find the drink suspicious.


They simply peel off the protective film on the kit, place a drop of the liquid on the spot, and see if the color of the half part changes to green, which means the drink is drugged.

Following the launch of the television series, Drug Test Posters were installed centering around the Gangnam area, including subway stations, bus shelters, movie theater complexes, private institutes, internet cafes, hair salons, coffee shops, plastic surgery hospitals, and pharmacies. The posters were also distributed to 20 universities located in Seoul.

Image via Cheil Worldwide

Image via Cheil Worldwide

In conjunction with the recent growing concerns about illegal drug use in South Korea, the campaign is garnering exceptional interest with increased media reports and social media engagement, winning favorable responses.

The television series “Strong Girl Nam-soon,” which premiered on JTBC and was released globally on October 7th, is aired every Saturday and Sunday. The comic superheroine-criminal showdown is the second chapter of the ‘Strong’ series returning with an expanded universe six years after the series “Strong Girl Bong-soon” paved the way for the “K-heroine’ genre.

The “Drug Test Poster” campaign is rolling out in South Korea. Cheil Worldwide worked on the campaign from conceptualization to execution.


Client: JTBC
Marketing Director: Hyukjoo Lee
Marketing Senior Manager: Misun Myoung
Marketing Assistant Manager: Heewon Lee
Creative Agency: Cheil Worldwide
Creative Director: Hyekyung Jeong
Copywriter: Hyekyung Jeong
Art Director: Kangmin Kim
Account Executive: Jangmoo Lee
Production: Paulus
Producer: Kyungsin Kim, Minkyu Park, Seungche Jeong

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