Status-K The City Created a Virtual Fight for Control of Malaysia

    By Katerin Pantaleon - May 18, 2021
    Status-K The City Created a Virtual Fight for Control of Malaysia

    Lion & Lion partnered with Livescape Group, an event management company, to launch Status-K in Malaysia – a new lifestyle product targeted at urban zoomers and millennials.

    The core of the campaign was Status-K The City, an immersive digital social and gamification platform designed to engage audiences while building brand affinity and equity. Over a span of three months, the campaign built a database of participants for potential future on-ground events, with more than 670,000 engagements and 10 million impressions on social media.

    Building a virtual playground

    The innovative concept saw warring factions of Kuala Lumpur face off against one another via the microsite status-k.com.  Players competed with each other to claim a virtual city by joining influencer-led tribes called Krews and taking part in challenges.

    Participants earned virtual points and improved their status on leaderboards. As an incentive, the virtual Koin prizes from the challenges could be redeemed for real-life rewards and exclusive brand experiences with Status-K.

    Players could create their own avatars and were empowered to grow the size of their Krews via social media recruitment so they could work with their friends to seize control of The City’s four districts, each of which boasted a different game to test their skills.

    Combining community with competitiveness

    “With the entire world in lockdown in early 2020, the online social space was cluttered with thousands of community pages,” said Hans Lee, Creative Director, Lion & Lion.

    “With new content and hashtags cropping up every second, we needed to offer a new kind of brand experience that would stand out and ensure that our audience stayed loyal to us at home in lockdown.”


    “Our research findings showed that our audience sought to lead online social packs, be the first to try out new experiences, and enjoyed being the first to like, follow and share the latest trends within their online communities,” said Ng. “Competitive by nature, they also had a strong fear of missing out, something that was only made worse during lockdown.”

    “We gained over 3,000 sign-ups in just three months, with 81% of participants indicating satisfaction with our campaign, and 75% interested in future events,” added Hans. “In short, we launched a virtual experience that made a real-life impact.”


    Client: The Livescape group

    Group Head Of Business Development: Michael Han (The Livescape Group)

    Creative Agency: Lion & Lion
    Regional Chief Creative Officer: Asher Cheelip Ong
    Creative Director: Hans Lee
    Head of Creative Content: Claudia Low
    Head of Social: Angelyn Soh
    Social Lead: Anniesa Dasih
    Social Strategist: Justin Tan
    Head of Strategy & Insights: Bilal Khan
    Senior Art Director: Adrian Ng
    Senior Copywriters: Kelvin Teow, Nadhirah Nadzri, Arushi Singh Designers: Gigi Lee Man Qian, Jesslyn Fabryando, Rhui Yee Beh Group Director Business Development: Jeppe Carlsen
    Client Service Director: Adia Suhaimi
    Client Lead: Yanice Wee
    Head of Operations: Jean Cheah
    Traffic Manager: Ida Chong

    Production House: Motionrom & Pixarom
    Producer: Saiwin Chew, Dzulkifly Ehsan (Motionrom)
    DI Artist: Tee Hon Lam (Pixarom)

    Audio House: Real Time Studios
    Audio Producers: Jennifer Yiew, Evelyn Ang (Real Time Studios)
    Sound Engineer: Terry (Real Time Studios)


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