Startup App Maker Aims to be Airbnb for Indonesians Overseas

Indonesia has one of the most rapidly expanding middle classes in the world. As yet, the country’s education system has been unable to keep pace with the rise in expectations for better schools.

This is driving thousands of Indonesians in their 20’s to look abroad for a better education. As with anyone heading to a new place the first worry is where to stay –both in the short term and the long term.

To address this growing need a startup appmaker called Rumah Diaspora has developed an app which focuses on housing rentals for Indonesians.


CEO Irzan Raditya, who is also heads up the development team for the personal assistant app, Yes Boss, is driven to develop Rumah Diaspora (‘rumah’ means ‘home’) by his own personal experiences studying abroad in German where he too faced the difficulty of finding some good digs to settle in to.

The app, which is available is currently in beta and available only for Android, has thus far penetrated only the German market.

Raditya told TechinAsia that he additionally sees the app as a way to address a larger problem of low graduation rates by Indonesians studying abroad.

“We have a strong social purpose with Rumah Diaspora. The graduation rate of Indonesian students in Germany is very low, below 10 percent. One of the main causes is financial problems, they need to work part time while studying, […] We hope that with the existence of Rumah Diaspora, they can spend more of their time focusing on their studies, while we take care of their financial problem.”


The app is additionally envisioned as being of use to the millions of Indonesians that travel abroad every year –by some estimates as many as 12 million are passing through the turnstiles en route to foreign destinations.

If Raditya and team can first set up a large enough network of places to stay, while at the same time branding Rumah Diaspora as a uniquely Indonesian App, perhaps it could put a dent in the established companies such as  Airbnb (which has an Indonesian site) and Wimdu.

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