Starhub Has the World Sweating for Wifi in Latest Campaign

Starhub and The Secret Little Agency Singapore have teamed up to launch a funny new campaign showing how badly everyone wants in on the company’s Wifi.

In a spot reminiscent of Parasite, a husband does his best to hold up his wife so she can use the wifi. He sweats profusely under the weight of her in a chair as she barks down to him “a bit more to the left!”

It’s a funny spot that seems all too familiar and real in today’s increasingly connected age.


“The idea was sparked from an everyday experience that I’m sure we have all had before: having to ‘borrow’ a superior WiFi connection belonging to someone else. In this case, this is a StarHub WiFi connection belonging to the ultra-calm and cool family living upstairs,” said a spokesperson from TSLA.

The film is accompanied by a through-the-line effort, covering social, digital, and OOH.


From now till the end of the year, StarHub will be offering new broadband plan deals, which include Disney+ subscriptions and Smart WiFi router units.

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