Starbucks Philippines Christmas Film Hopes to Bring the Joy Back

    By The Staff - Nov 6, 2020
    Starbucks Philippines Christmas Film Hopes to Bring the Joy Back

    Starbucks Philippines hopes to inspire a little joy in a strange year with their ‘Carry the Merry Little by Little’ short film as they launch their annual Starbucks Christmas planners and organizers.

    “To many, Starbucks is a reassurance that the holiday is here,” said Jo-Ann Ramos, Starbucks Philippines Marketing Manager. “It has always been part of festivities with its rich mix of familiar and new flavors. And while our celebrations sing a different tune this year, our goal is to ignite a spark of joy and hope in people. This time around, we bring an invitation to carry the merry, little by little, and inspire people to share moments of joy.”

    The short was produced by Propel Manila in collaboration with Provill Studios.

    “It’s an invitation to celebrate unconventional merrymaking, taste the joy of little surprises, relish meaningful connections, look forward to new possibilities, and hope for better,” said Raymund Sison, Creative Chief of Propel Manila. “A lot of things will change in the way we celebrate this year, but the joy of meaningful connections will remain.”

    “Last month, a good friend of mine sent me a photo of a page in her journal; it was a list of places she planned to go in 2020,” said Director Luis Tabuena of Provill Studios. “While I found the page sad, I found the idea of a list really uplifting, and that scene became the emotional spine we built the entire film on. The idea that little by little, we’re all a bit more hopeful – making plans for when the world is better.”

    “This campaign was extremely special,” said JC Valenzuela, Chief Executive of Propel Manila. “It was beyond selling coffee – it was about the relationship of Filipinos and Starbucks and the possibilities of tomorrow, despite the backdrop of today. It was important for us to make sure this optimism of what could come matters.”



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