Standard Chartered Animated Film Pitches the Importance of Global Trade – and Egg Fried Rice

    The director Mark Waring is behind animated films including the ‘Corpse Bride’ by Tim Burton and Wes Anderson's ‘Isle of Dogs’.

    By Asia Ad Junkie - Sep 3, 2020
    Standard Chartered Animated Film Pitches the Importance of Global Trade – and Egg Fried Rice

    Standard Chartered Bank has launched a brand campaign that looks to reinforce the importance of global trade and the Bank’s role in driving it.

    TBWA\Singapore has created and produced an animated film along with renowned stop motion animation director Mark Waring. to illustrate “a complex issue in a relatable and relevant way – allowing audiences anywhere to understand the power of global trade.”

    The animated stop motion film tells the story of two villages that accidentally chance upon each other’s egg and rice trade, and by default, discover, wait for it… the dish egg fried rice.



    “This animated tale sends a great message that without trade, there are so many wonderful things we would all miss out on,” said Emma Sheller, Global Head of Brand and Marketing, Standard Chartered. “It is an authentic way of delivering the impact of what Standard Chartered has been doing for more than 160 years to enable trade across the globe.”


    “Amazing things are created when we come together,” added Andy Grant, TBWA\Singapore, Executive Creative Director. “We wanted to portray the advantage of global trade with a human story that delivers a powerful message, in an inspiring and uplifting way.”


    Executive Creative Director: Andy Grant
    Global Creative Directors: Perry Essig, Asheen Naidu
    Senior Art Director: Franziska Krüger
    Senior Copywriter: Anne-Marie Brandner
    Global Business Lead: Melissa Hill
    Group Brand Director: Benoit Freyburger
    Brand Director: Ash Chaudhry
    Brand Managers: Rachael Wong, Faith Pang
    Brand Executive: Priscilla Lim
    Chief Strategy Officer: Robin Nayak
    Strategy Director: Michele Bouquet
    Content Creators: Danial Khalis, Akanksha Nair, Widad Ismail
    Executive Producers: Haydn Evans, Sariyanti Sannie
    Producers: Fiona McGregor, Joelle Goh
    Production Companies: Passion Pictures, Sixtoes TV,
    Director: Mark Waring

    Production: Passion Pictures

    Director: Mark Waring
    Executive Producers: Belle Palmer, Debbie Crosscup, Graham Pryor
    Head Of Production: Mike Turoff
    Producer: Paige Sullivan, Adriana Wong, Carlos Zalapa

    Animation: Passion Animation Studios

    Head Of CG: Jason Nicholas
    VFX Supervisor: Dave Walker
    Passion Pipeline TD’s: Javier Edo, Yanti Suryati
    Art Direction: Alexandra Walker
    Character Design: Crystal Kung/ Reuben Mcnaughton/ Ronnie Mitchell
    Environment Design: Tulips & Chimneys
    Concept Art: Tulips & Chimneys
    Storyboard Lead: Barry Reynolds
    Animatic Editors: Kingsley Bailey/ Daniel Budin
    Co-Ordinators: Roxy Sibilski
    Compositors: Andre Bittencourt, Valeria Romano, Sergei Soley, Daniel Lopez, Eric Venti, Matheus Lacava
    Cg Modelling & Texturing: Ian Brown
    Lighter: Simon Brown
    SFX: Filipe Alcada, Colin Peret, Darlene Buttner,David Berrocoso
    DMP: Jakub Gryglicki, Ronnie Mitchell, Christian Mills, David Gibbons
    Layout: Idris Honor, David Burtle
    Editor: Kingsley Bailey

    Stop Motion Shoot

    Studios: Arch Film Studios
    Studio EP: Andy Gent
    Studio Manager: Lisa Hill
    DOP: Malcolm Hadley
    Principle Animators: Tobias Fouracre, Steve Warn, Andy Biddle
    Puppet Rigger: Andre Neemann
    Puppet Maintenance: Josie Corben/ Ciara Mcclean
    Art Department: Marina Ralph/ Mick Chippington
    1st AC: Mark Swaffield
    Motion Control Operator: Stuart Galloway
    Gaffer: Tim O’ Connell
    Spark: Bruno Inacio
    Runner: Nancy Duval-Smith

    Post Production: Universal Production Partners

    Colorist: Simona Cristea
    Color Producer: Claudia Burns
    Grading Facilities: Coffee & TV
    Finishing House: Stone Dogs

    3D Printers: Arch Model Studios

    Motion Control Supplier: Justin Pentecost @ Portable Motion Control

    Music: Soviet Science

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