Sprite Launches a Brand Refresh Along With First-Ever Global Brand Platform – ‘Heat Happens’

Following a brand refresh, Sprite has launched a campaign offering a humorous reminder to stay cool in its first-ever global platform launching this week.

The campaign, called “Heat Happens” features a sizable series of films pitching Sprite as the drink of choice when faced with unavoidable, and potentially annoying, moments that are part of the fabric of daily life.

“Many things create ‘heat’ around us… it’s inevitable,” said Shrenik Dasani, Global Brand Director, Sprite.


“‘Heat Happens’ shows that cooler heads always prevail. Whether its mental heat in the shape of unwanted interruptions or the physical heat of a sweaty commute, our hectic daily schedules leave us constantly searching for ways to keep our cool. We believe that adding a human layer of understanding and dash of comedic value, as well as a sip of ice-cold Sprite, can help diffuse potentially triggering situations.”

“Heat Happens” will roll out in 2022 across North America, Greater China, India, Africa, Europe, A-South Pacific, Korea, the Middle East, and Latin America.


New visual identity

Sprite announced a new visual identity, including a refreshed Sprite logo that will provide global consistency for the brand. Sprite packaging will retain its recognizable green hue, with a pared-back look that will highlight the choice of original and zero-sugar options, the latter bolstered with a bold, black font and logo design.

The new packaging is also making a clear commitment to sustainability, with unmissable ‘recycle me’ messaging among other initiatives.


Production Company: Sweetshop
Director: Damien Shatford
Executive Chairman: Paul Prince
Global CEO: Wilf Sweetland
Global Director of Production: Fiona King
Managing Director / Executive Producer: Laura Geagea
Producer: Katie Kempe
Director of Photography: James Brown
Production Manager: Monique Maree Tourelle
Casting Producer: Guy Campbell
Director Assistant: Scott James White
Production Designer: Michael Iacano
Offline Editor: Luke Haigh
Editor Assistant: Hayden James Weal
Bidding Producer / Post Producer: Stu Giles
Post Producer: Thiti Wongtikul (Fai)
Office Manager: Montakarn Kawkome (Ann)
Accounting Manager: Nuanlaor Rattanawattanathorn (Kimmy)

Post Production: Heckler, Singapore
Managing Director: Richard Mayo-Smith
Executive Producer: Vanessa Thomas
VFX Supervisor: Cody Amos, Fernando Canevaro
Colorist: Billy Wychgel
Online Artist: Fernando Canevaro, Patrick Firmansyah, Sebastien Gombeaud-Saintonge, Keith Seah, Kitson Ong, Abi Santos, Brad Wood, Azreena Ahmad

Audio Post: MassiveMusic, Tokyo