Sprite China Campaign Collaborates with Jiang Xiao Bai for Two New Products

Sprite China has launched a campaign calling on Chinese youth to celebrate their individuality by creating unique combinations. The work, created by MRM//McCann Shanghai, sees the brand collaborating with Jiang Xiao Bai, described as a popular “budget Chinese white spirit, better known as baijiu.”

The partnership includes the creation of two unique products, a baijiu flavored non-alcoholic Sprite, with a separate, lemon-lime flavored alcoholic baijiu ready to drink soda, branded Jiang Xiao Bai, targeted at a younger audience than its traditional baijiu counterparts.


“Mixing Sprite with other beverages has naturally occurred in China for decades and it’s widely known that former Premier Li Peng used to enjoy mixing Sprite with black vinegar or red wine,” said a release from the brand, adding that “Mixing Sprite and Jiang Xiao Bai has been widely circulated over the last year as a bit of an underground radical cocktail, crowning the sweet and bitter combination by netizens as “lover’s tears'”.

The campaign for the joint collaboration is entitled “Mixing Up Like This”. It does not mention the unique taste combination but is more of a call to action to encourage Chinese youth to create their own combinations as a way to express their individuality. Beautiful combinations are common and predictable, but interesting combinations are even more meaningful and personal.


The integrated digital campaign launched last month on social platforms, Weibo, Wechat, and Douyin (Tik Tok) included social campaign messages from influencers inspiring self-expression. Over 69 million user-generated content pieces of “Mixing Up Like This” were created by Chinese netizens, making it one of Sprite’s most effective campaigns this year.

“Chinese consumers are no longer satisfied with just manufactured flavors,” said Bryce Whitwam, CEO of MRM//McCann. “They’re looking for new variances that represent their individual tastes, something easily shared with their friends on social media.”

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