Spikes Asia Announces Call for Entries and Integration of Tanagrams Awards

    By Harold Henry - Oct 14, 2021
    Spikes Asia Announces Call for Entries and Integration of Tanagrams Awards

    Spikes Asia has opened entries for the 35th edition of the Spikes Asia Awards and announced the integration of the Tangrams Awards.

    The group has also launched the new Strategy & Effectiveness Spike, in response to the evolving correlation between creativity and effectiveness.

    The new award celebrates strategies that deliver measurable results and ideas that balance bold creativity and sustained business impact and aims to champion a culture of creativity, strategy, and effectiveness.


    “It’s an exciting time in the evolution of Spikes Asia as we announce the new Strategy & Effectiveness Spike, cementing the awards’ role as the definitive benchmark for both creativity and marketing effectiveness across APAC,” said Jenny Lau, Events Director, Spikes Asia.

    “This new award reinforces the importance of synergising creativity and effectiveness, which for too long, have remained disparate. We believe that when creativity is effective and effective work is creative, it has even greater power to positively impact people, brands and the world.”

    “In consultation with the APAC creative community, and in response to rapid evolutions in the industry landscape, a number of Spikes Award categories have been refreshed and expanded for 2022,” said Atifa Silk, Managing Director at Haymarket Media Asia.


    “We look ahead to next March with great anticipation, as an opportunity to celebrate and benchmark world-class and effective creative work from across the region.”

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