Speed Limit Monk Uses Buddhism and Technology to Keep Drivers Mindful

    By Bobby McGill - May 29, 2017
    Speed Limit Monk Uses Buddhism and Technology to Keep Drivers Mindful

    Thailand is a country deeply steeped in Buddhism -a belief that extends even into the automobile where an estimated 76% of Thai drivers place monk statues on their dashboard, hoping it will save them from accidents.

    While the intention is good, Thailand ranks second in the world in traffic fatalities with data showing that most of the accidents are caused by driving too fast.

    To address this problem, BBDO Bangkok, in partnership with the Thai Health Promotion Foundation, has launched a campaign to put people’s faith to work by equipping monk statues with a GPS tracker and speed detector.

    The monk statues can detect different legal speed limits on each road that the car is currently on. If the driver exceeds that limit, the statue will automatically play the preaching voice of renowned monk Phre Payom warning drivers to be mindful, slow down and drive more safely.


    Client : Thai Health Promotion Foundation
    Product : Thai Health’s Road Safety Project
    Agency : BBDO Bangkok
    Chairman & Chief Creative Officer : Suthisak Sucharittanonta
    Deputy Chief Creative Officer : Anuwat Nitipanont
    Creative Director : Park Wannasiri
    Senior Copywriter : Thiti Boonkerd
    Copywriter : Vachira Pashekrepapon
    Senior Art Director : Thanan Srisukh
    Art Director : Panupak Siripakdee


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