A Couple of Ads from South Korea’s Soonhari Chum-Churum Flavored Soju

Here are two ads for lemon-flavored versions of soju called Soonhari Chum-Churum (which translates to “soft, like first” in Korean) produced by Lotte Liquors.

The deceptively low production quality of the ads gives them an interesting feel that is reminiscent of low tech commercials of the 90’s.



First up: This an odd one with the characters overwhelmed by a seemingly rabid abundance of lemons coming from their mouths. It’s fun, if not at times a little gross.

The next spot, featuring Korean gymnast Lee Su-rin doing her routine with two bottles in her hands, went viral last month in June.

The production quality is purposely made to look poor but there are some convincing special effects worked in there that might reassure you that you are not watching the ad drunk back in the 90’s.




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