Korea Places Temporary Ban on Air-flight use of Samsung Galaxy Note

Following the American Federal Aviation Agency issuing “strong warnings” against turning on, charging or checking in the latest samsung Galaxy Note 7 on flights, the South Korean government’s Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport has placed a temporary ban on in-flight use of the new smartphone.

In a released statement, the Ministry said it was “recommending” users of the Galaxy Note 7 phablets keep the phone turned off at all times while aboard the airplane and also not to recharge the phone in flight, reports Yonhap.

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The transportation ministry also asked people not to put their Galaxy Note 7 phones in their checked-in luggage.

“Many other countries have made similar recommendations banning the use of the Galaxy Note 7 on flights. The government decided to follow suit partly because the use of the phone might create unnecessary fears for other passengers,” a ministry official said, while speaking on the condition of anonymity.

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