Sony’s No Mess, No Buzz Retractable Headphone Ads

Don’t you hate when your headphone cord gets all tangled up –like every single time you use it? Of course you do, and the quality of Bluetooth sound doesn’t quite cut it yet.

The next best thing just might be retractable cords. At least that is what Sony is pushing with a clever new ad campaign for their retractable line of headphones entitled “No Mess, No Buzz”

Check ’em out.


Sony retractable cord headphones no mess no buzz Sony retractable cord headphones no mess no buzz 1

Ad Credits
Advertising Agency: Cerebro Y&R, Panama City, Panama
General Creative Director: Jorge Heilbron
Creative Director: Jorge Heilbron
Art Directors: Jorge Heilbron, Alberto Weand Ortiz
Graphic Designer: Jose Rolando Diaz
Production Company: Illusion Co., Ltd
Photography / Illustration: Illusion, Bangkok
Published: August 2015

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