Sofa Beds to the Rescue When You Find Yourself in a Jam

Koala has partnered with Clockwork Films for a new campaign pitching their range of sofa beds that can get Aussies out of just about any jam they might find themselves in. At times quite humorously so.

The campaign ‘When Life Unfolds’ includes a series of films, radio, out-of-home, digital and social, to remind people that when life throws you a few surprises, it’s always best to have a clever and comfortable sofa bed on hand.


“Sofa beds typically take forever to unfold and are horrible to sleep on, by pairing our whip-smart Koala creative team with Armand and Clockwork, we’ve been able to have a lot of fun exploring tricky situations where the Koala sofa bed range offers the perfect antidote,” said Koala’s VP of global brand strategy and creative Bradley Firth.




Chief Commercial Officer: Rory Costello
VP Global Brand Strategy & Creative: Bradley Firth
VP Marketing Australia: Mark Khademi
Integrated Producer: Nikki Jones
Creative Director: Taylor Thornton
Senior Creative: Matt Koo
Senior Brand Designer: Elana Robson
Creative: Drew Dunbar
Senior Marketing Manager: Miles Thomas
Director of Organic Marketing: Kinga Papp
Social Media Manager: Laura Haddock
Performance Marketing Manager: Jules McKie
Media Director: Sally Phelps
Media Manager: Michaella Naicker

Production House: Clockwork Films
Director: Armand De Saint~Salvy
Senior Producer: Alan Robinson
Executive Producer: Heath George & Damien Whitney
Production Manager: Steven Garrett
DOP: Liam Gilmour
Stylist (Art & Wardrobe): Janai Anselmi

Post Production: White Chocolate
Sound: Song Zu

Casting Director: Stevie Ray

Father in Law: Duncan Ragg, Anna Phillips and Domenico DiMarte (Poppa)
Big Night: Grace Rouvray, Adolphus Waylee & Leo Gichanja (Child)
Active Listening: Challito Browne & Meg Frazer

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