New Campaign Seeks to Make a Difference by Bringing Missing Children Home in India

Over 50,000 children go missing every year across India. The agony of a missing child is a never-healing wound; hurting more as time passes and search agencies move on to fresher cases. Along with the West Bengal Police and Star Jalsa, The Social Street set out to make a difference.

Posters, being the de-facto method of communication about missing children, become part of the clutter and are easy to ignore. There are hundreds of billboards in every city, which are all aimed towards the traffic. But the back of these same billboards, which face the pedestrians, are un-utilized space. The idea was to creatively use it to inform the populace about missing children.

The Social Street used the latest photographs and details of the children on flexes, put up behind these billboards, in the same localities they went missing from. This was in-your-face and hard to ignore. Moreover, mapping the children to the localities served a dual purpose.


Credits –
Chief Creative Officer: Deepak Singh
Creative Team: Smriti Shadra, Vikash Kumar, Kailash Chandra
Account Management: Ranjit Bannerjee, Mandeep Malhotra
Production house: QED Films


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