Social Media Engagement Startup Grapevine6 Acquired by Seismic

    By The Staff - Dec 2, 2020
    Social Media Engagement Startup Grapevine6 Acquired by Seismic

    Seismic, the sales and marketing enablement platform provider, today announced the acquisition of Grapevine6, a patented social and digital sales engagement platform.

    With the acquisition, Seismic will bolster its ability to provide sales professionals with relevant content sourced from 11,000 third-party publishers using Grapevine6’s AI engine. The goal is to enable sellers to engage more frequently with their relationships through meaningful, authentic online conversations taking place on social media platforms.

    The acquisition will result in an integrated offering called Seismic LiveSocial. Through the new company, sales teams can share timely, reputable, and compliant content in their own voice, targeting the right buyers across multiple social platforms such as Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook.

    Additionally, brand leaders can amplify audience reach through employee-led social sharing, leveraging Seismic LiveSocial to measure the ROI of their social engagement strategy.

    “Social media has cemented itself as a critical front line between organizations and their customers with analysts reporting 75 percent of B2B buyers and 84 percent of C-level executives use social media to make purchasing decisions,” said Richard Kulkarni, Vice-President, Asia Pacific and Japan, Seismic.

    “With the global pandemic as a catalyst, social selling skills, and digital eminence have become vital competencies for workforces. Seismic LiveSocial not only empowers sales teams to engage clients more effectively on social media channels but also helps turn every employee into a brand ambassador, delivering a strong advantage in this new business reality.”

    The Grapevine6 acquisition and launch of LiveSocial follow its US$92M Series F funding round and strong Year-on-Year revenue growth.

    “In today’s dynamic sales landscape, buyers want to hear from and connect with trusted individuals, not brands, on social media,” said Doug Winter, Seismic co-founder, and Chief Executive Officer.

    “Grapevine6 will be instrumental to providing additional customer value by combining Seismic’s industry-leading sales enablement platform and Grapevine6’s digital engagement platform, further empowering sales teams to educate and engage with buyers online — while simultaneously helping to build their personal brands in an authentic way.”

    Grapevine6 is headquartered in Toronto, Canada and was founded in 2013. The company was named a leader in Forrester’s Sales Social Engagement Tools report and boasts a 5-star rating on G2. The company works with four of the five largest wealth management firms in North America and the largest social selling program in the world at SAP.

    “Social media has transformed the buyer’s journey,” said Mike Orr, Chief Executive Officer of Grapevine6. “Savvy buyers now use social media to not only gather information and connect with peers but also to research the sales professionals and advisors they’re partnering with. The current sea change to digital communication is an opportunity to better serve customers by enabling salespeople to humanize relationships with personal stories — the true promise of digital selling.”

    “Partnering with Seismic over the past few years in creating a content ecosystem, we realized how aligned we are in our vision for digital selling and that an acquisition created a win-win for all of Grapevine6 and Seismic customers.”

    The full team from Grapevine6 will join Seismic, including Orr, who will continue to lead the LiveSocial team.


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