Snapchat’s Parent Company Snap Inc. Launches AR Creative Studio Arcadia

Snap Inc. has launched a new global creative studio for branded augmented reality, Arcadia. Powered by the team that pioneered mobile AR advertising at Snap, the entity will develop new technology and aim to deliver innovative, impactful, and effective AR experiences to brand and agency partners.

Arcadia will be platform agnostic and develop experiences that can live across platform, web and app-based AR environments. The group will work on a studio model and will take on select projects that require the most creative and technical skillset.

The studio will partner with brands, agencies, and creators. At launch, Arcadia has secured partnerships with marketers including P&G Beauty, Verizon, WWE, and Shake Shack.


Arcadia will serve brands, agencies, and creators in one of three ways:

  • Studio of Record: Arcadia will become the official “AR Studio of Record” and take on all of their AR production, strategy and insight needs across platforms.
  • Project Based Work: Arcadia will deliver against a specific scope-of-work that align to Arcadia’s mission
  • Strategic Partner: Arcadia will offer AR Strategy expertise to clients/agencies in the form of workshops, insights and trend reporting to up-level their own capabilities

“Arcadia is the newest member of Snap’s AR ecosystem that we’ve been developing for the last decade and we have seen proven results with our over 40 trusted partners and success in tools like Lens Web Builder and Creator Marketplace,” said Jeff Miller, Global Head of Creative Strategy.

“By launching Arcadia, we are further cementing Snap’s commitment to Augmented Reality as a format that truly pushes the boundaries of creativity and performance in digital marketing.”

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