Snapchat Hires WarnerMedia CMO Kristen O’Hara as VP of Global Business Solutions

In a bid to help the company reshape its sales structure, Snapchat has appointed WarnerMedia CMO Kristen O’Hara VP of global business solutions.

The position, which will put O’Hara at the head of Snapchat’s advertising, was held previously by industry veteran Jeff Lucas after less than a two-year sting before leaving for Oath in February.

The role tasks O’Hara with overseeing U.S. sales, which is comprised of three regions: east, west and central. She will report to Snapchat Chief Operating Officer Imran Khan.


In an effort to increase revenue Snapchat looks to reposition its ad business closer to the Facebook/Google model where salespeople serve as consultants to businesses rather than just booking ad inventory. Snapchat already has a programmatic option similar to Facebook and Google that allows advertisers place orders themselves.

The gap Snapchat looks to fill is in helping brands better understand the company’s ad ecosystem, and how to measure the success of ad campaigns.

According to recent numbers from eMarketer, Snapchat ranks as the No. 1 app among teens, with 16.4 million 12-to-17-year-olds using the app every month, compared to Instagram’s 12.8 million.


In terms of the company’s financial outlook, Snapchat reported $230.7 million in ad revenue in the first quarter, $15 million less than its Wall Street expectations. In the second quarter, however, there was a rise in revenue, exceeding analyst predictions, growing by 48 percent year over year to $262 million.