Sky New Zealand Cheats at Advertising by Using Cute Talking Animals

Of course, we’re going to like this campaign. We’d be horrible, terrible, no-good, loathsome monsters if we didn’t.

Sky New Zealand has rolled out its new ‘Life Needs More Sky’ brand platform with an adorable campaign developed by DDB Aotearoa New Zealand that features talking furry friends quoting some of our favorite films. From the “You talking to me?” hare to the “We’re going streaking!” cow, it’s a smart campaign letting us know just how important film and entertainment is in this world.

Directed by Joel Kefali, the short film is set on a farm in New Zealand and features a montage of iconic movie and television quotes delivered by a cast of unexpected characters – charming talking animals.


“Shared entertainment is bigger than any one series or film, often it leaves a mark on us long after we’ve turned off the screen. The brand platform reflects this idea, and this campaign brings it to life in a fun, eye-catching way,” said Karla Fisher, DDB Aotearoa New Zealand’s lead business partner.

“Through this work, we wanted to communicate the magic of entertainment and how Sky delivers that magic. This campaign is the first phase of the journey and we’re looking forward to seeing where we can take it in the future, and how we can bring these characters to life in the real world over the coming months,” added Fisher.

Sky’s latest campaign launched on 11th August with a 60-second film, and extends across Cinema, TV, OOH, digital and social media.


“At Sky, we’re about making life more entertaining for all New Zealanders and connecting them to the sport and stories they love. Whether it’s a favourite TV series, movie or sports game, entertainment brings us together – it connects us to culture, and to each other,” said Sky New Zealand’s head of brand and sport marketing Helen Fitzsimons.

“Life Needs More Sky resonates because these are the moments we need more of; the ones that stay with us long after the movie is over, or the game has finished. The campaign demonstrates that idea and is entertaining in and of itself – because there really is no such thing as too much entertainment.”


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