Skittles Launches the Most Annoying Chinese New Year Campaign Ever

    Skittles did not comment on the number of phones hurled across the room.

    By Asia Ad Junkie - Feb 9, 2021
    Skittles Launches the Most Annoying Chinese New Year Campaign Ever

    Skittles has launched a brilliantly annoying Chinese New Year campaign which takes giving and receiving digital red packets to a whole new level.

    The practice, which had previously seen friends and family sending digital gifts to one another during the new year has been turned upside down by the interactive campaign in which users have the opportunity to win RMB 50,000.

    The challenge?


    Click a button in their app 50,000 times as fast as you can. It’s brilliantly stupid and oh so 2021.

    The campaign ran from Jan 29 through to Feb 2, and the first person to open the Skittles red packet with the fastest 50,000 clicks would get the money.

    It was all bolstered by a TV spot that features two friends growing old very quickly as they attempt to complete the task.



    “Thanks to the amazing design by Director Zhou Ning, the professional makeup and the flawless shooting effects, the story looked quite shocking in reality – turning old in just a few seconds gave the film real impact,” said Awing Chen, the Executive Creative Director of DDB Guangzhou & Shanghai.

    “The idea was incredibly simple – just to let the audience understand how difficult it was to open the Skittles envelope. We have to say an enormous thanks to our brave and very supportive client who give the green light for us to bring this nutty idea to life.”

    To avoid any digital cheating, Skittles popped out identifying codes at random during the process like the ‘color-blind test’ to make sure it was an actual person playing the game.

    The fastest person to open the packet took just 1 hour, 52 minutes, and 29 seconds.

    “Why would people spend time on advertisements at this time of year, when there are so many other interesting things to do? We need to let a brand speak in a very human way and interact with consumers in an engaging manner that offers a unique and fun experience. I truly believe that people don’t hate advertisements at all, they just hate boring advertisements,” added Chen.

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