Skater Girl Skates Through the Ride-Thru Again and Again in Romantic McDonald’s Spot

“Like your sundae cone, I might melt with your stare.”

McDonald’s Philippines has launched a new campaign with a feel-good spot about a young woman skater who visits the ride-thru again and again, ordering food across the menu.

The crew member at the window doesn’t seem to mind at all with each exchanging pleasant smiles as the skater circles back – again and again and again.

By the end of the spot, which was done in collaboration with TBWA\SMP, we find that the two are romantically involved as the now off-work crew member delivers her partner and ice cream in front of the restaurant.


“Like your sundae cone, I melt with your stare,” she says lovingly.

According to McDonald’s this type of narrative is rarely ever given the spotlight in the local market as much of the population remains deeply conservative.

“Despite its rare representation locally, it was more important for us that who we are as a brand, which is a brand that welcomes all, is reflected in the stories that we share just like this one,” said McDonald’s Corporate Relations Director, Adi Hernandez.


“Our commitment to diversity and gender inclusivity is an overall brand experience that we aim to improve from our employees and to our customers.”

Hernandez added: “No matter who you are, you are welcome and safe to come back here again and again – that’s what we wanted our audience to know. ”

According to the campaign, the video immediately reached 33.9M organic views across social media platforms in less than 48 hours, and ‘McDo’ became a trending topic locally on Twitter along with ‘LGBTQ’. The actors (Kyra Mahinay and Kaizen Dela Serna) even garnered their own fanbase with their personal ship name, #KaiKy along with fan art and ship edits.


Managing Director: Margot Torres
Corporate Relations & Impact Director: Adi Hernandez
Corporate Communications Manager: Denise Barramedia

Chairman and Chief Creative Officer: Melvin Mangada
Executive Creative Director: Marci Reyes
Associate Creative Director: James Mendoza
Copywriter: Marci Reyes, Jamie Carrelli
Art Directors: James Mendoza, Leela Fantone

Account Management
Chief Operating Office: Portia Caturira
Business Unit Director: Paulie de Luna
Account Manager: Toni Escalona

Stategic Planning Director: RJ Paculan
Strategic Planner: JA Rodriguez
Digital Planning Lead: Jean Arboleda
Data & Analytics: Angel Morales

Director: Joel Limchoc (Film Pabrika)
Producers: Steve Vesagas and Miele Dungo (Slingshot Media)

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