Singapore’s Car Club Appoints Hakuhodo to Create Campaign for Millennials

Car Club, Singapore’s largest car-sharing operator with a fleet of over 260 cars at more than a hundred pick-up stations, has appointed Hakuhodo Singapore to create a millennial-focused online campaign to promote the brand.

The agency said it will focus on its sei-katsu-sha a philosophy “where target audiences are viewed as real people and not just economic entities” by adopting colloquial humor instead of hard-sell messaging to relate to a younger crowd.

“We are at the beginning of a major social transformation as we move towards a car-lite society,” said Gary Ong, Managing Director of Car Club Singapore. “This is a common vision both Hakuhodo and Car Club share, which formed the foundation of our communications strategy.”


The campaign will feature online videos and Facebook carousel and contests posts, the agency said.

“While most of what we do should ultimately drive sales, we need to also recognise that this takes time as well as a variety of efforts. It’s testament to a good working relationship when clients like Car Club Singapore are able to understand this and give us free reign to do what we need,” said Daphne Boey, Associate Digital Director, Hakuhodo Singapore.

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