Singaporeans Encouraged to Get Vaccinated in New Campaign

    By Asia Ad Junkie - Mar 22, 2021
    Singaporeans Encouraged to Get Vaccinated in New Campaign

    The Singapore Ministry of Communication and Information has teamed up with ADK Connect Singapore to produce a series of short films calling on citizens to take the Covid-19 vaccine.

    “It Starts With You” is comprised of five films directed by five directors from Freeflow Productions. They each encourage Singaporeans to take the vaccine when available.

    In “No Need,” we reminisce through the life of a boy who looks up to his father. He’s a strong man, capable of fixing anything and solving any issue on his own. However, when something truly important comes up like a vaccination, he imparts his wisdom on his son, that in certain cases it’s ok to take help. In special cases, accepting help is about protecting the people you care for.

    “This series of films is one of the most heartfelt I’ve ever worked on – with the core intention to rally the nation’s forefathers to take the first-step in protecting themselves and those they care for,” said Chris Gurney, Chief Creative Officer, ADK Connect.

    “‘It starts with you’ is a message of remembrance and love. The heart of the narrative is played out through ‘Rasa Sayang’ – where key moments from past to present are woven together. We hope that these stories have the power to inspire our community as we work towards the long-term success for the COVID-19 vaccine initiative.”

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