Singapore Launches Music Videos to Encourage Seniors to Get Vaccinated

Tribal Worldwide Singapore has partnered with the Ministry of Communications and Information to launch the “Vaccinate Already?” music videos, to encourage seniors and allay their concerns about getting vaccinated against Covid-19. Inspired by 80s stage performances, the music videos were created in in Chinese, dialects (Hokkien, Teochew, Cantonese), Malay, and Tamil, feature popular veteran artistes Wang Lei, Liu Ling Ling, Marcus Chin, Rahimah Rahim, and L. Vijayandran. The videos aim to address seniors’ concerns on COVID-19 vaccination and encourage them to not delay any further.

The music videos play on the common local phrase “Have You Eaten” and a new greeting “Vaccinate Already?” was introduced as a conversation starter for Singaporeans to urge one another to get vaccinated.


“We know that vaccination protects us and our loved ones, but some seniors may have misconceptions about it,” said Benson Toh, Executive Creative Director at Tribal Worldwide Singapore. “We wanted to make sure we get our messages across in an entertaining manner, and what better way to do so than an exciting performance by our veteran personalities and a catchy song to capture the attention of seniors.”

Shot by critically acclaimed local director Royston Tan, the production was a collaboration between renowned composer Jim Lim who composed the Dialect song, and re-arranged by award-winning singer-songwriter, Shabir Tabare Alam for the Malay and Tamil songs.



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