Singapore Introduces Water Wally Younger Sister Water Sally

    By Katerin Pantaleon - Jan 5, 2021
    Singapore Introduces Water Wally Younger Sister Water Sally

    Water Wally is a helpful water expert already well-known among Singaporeans and now it turns out he’s got a little sister, Water Sally. She’s being introduced in a new campaign from PUB that recognizes the need to reach out to the younger generation as they will play a critical role in ensuring the continued success of Singapore’s water story.

    As climate change continues to affect the world, the conversation on sustainability is becoming increasingly salient, according to PUB, thus the refresh of their messages around water conservation with a new character, to engage the younger generation further.

    Water Sally has been brought to life in a short animated film, “Dear Water Sally”, which was created to appeal to children and older audiences alike.

    The film tells her backstory of her studies overseas and highlighted her new-found global perspective on water sustainability which will enhance her water-saving missions with Water Wally.

    “We chose to bring Water Sally to life in an anime film to give a fresh spin to our water story,” said Benson Toh, Executive Creative Director, Tribal Worldwide Singapore.

    “Animation has a clever way of weaving together adult and children’s worlds. They are cute and appeal to children yet depict a deeper meaning and complex visual stories appreciated by older audiences. The film also gives a subtle nod to the NDP track “Count On Me, Singapore”, as the iconic melody is woven into the start and end to give the film a local flavor. We want to thank PUB for letting us tell their story.”

    Beyond the campaign, PUB will be kicking off the first recruitment drive for the Water Wally and Sally Club, the only water fun club in town for children 12 years old and below. Participants get to learn about various water-related topics through exciting activities and special events.

    As part of the club benefits, members will also get to enjoy special privileges offered by PUB partners who have also been advocates of water conservation in Singapore. Benefits include discounts at indoor playgrounds Amazonia and Kiztopia, learn-and-play venues Science Centre Singapore and Snow City, and special offers for art and sports classes.

    Parents can enroll their children here.  


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