Singapore Campaign Calls on Nation to Punch Above its Weight on Climate Change

As climate change ravages the World, is there hope for a tiny island nation with no natural resources in this epic battle of David versus Goliath?
Plenty, says a new campaign created by Grey Singapore.

Singapore’s vulnerabilities as a naturally disadvantaged island nation with not enough land and water are well documented, says Grey. But lesser-known – to even Singaporeans themselves – are its responses to the challenges climate change brings, as shown in the following 45-second film.


“We tend to punch above our weight, especially when the odds are against us,” said Grey Singapore Executive Creative Director, Aaron Phua. “This campaign aims at relishing our DNA to respond in gusto on the most pressing issue of our time. Everyone has a part to play in turning it around. But first, we need more of us to be made aware that climate change is no longer a problem in the distance, but increasingly an arm’s length away.”

As a small island with no natural resources like water and limited land (724.2 sq km to be exact; 30% of that less than 5 meters above sea level), Singapore is vulnerable to everything climate change brings. Across this integrated campaign, it showcases how Singapore is building long-term sustainability through future planning, intensive R&D, and technology of the day.

As the earlier phase of the long-running campaign, it leverages on what the government, corporations, and several individuals already have in place, as an inspiration for everyone in the country to adopt that intuitive mindset to take action.


Coinciding with this being the year of the Singapore Food Story, Grey Singapore has also released a companion campaign on food security under the game changer theme.

Food security is a universal problem as climate change affects food sources globally. But as a population of 5.7 million relying on the rest of the World for 90% of its food supply, Singapore is extremely susceptible.

“90% is a staggering number which not all Singaporeans are aware of,” added Phua. “Across our follow-up campaign, we again let the facts lead the way. Climate change causes a chain reaction that ends on your plate. It’s that direct.”

According to research conducted at the Singapore-ETH Centre, every individual in Singapore controls about 30% of all the energy consumed or produced here.

“Imagine if campaigns like these could inspire the game changer in all of us,” said Grey Singapore CEO, Konstantin Popovic. “Singapore has set an incredible example. A reminder to us to dream bigger than a small nation should. That’s humbling. And exhilarating.”


Client: Singapore Ministry of the Environment and Water Resources
Creative Agency: Grey Singapore
Chief Executive Officer: Konstantin Popovic
Executive Creative Director: Aaron Phua
Creatives: Aaron Phua, Liew Ling Hwei, Eslyn Heng
Senior Account Director: Ellen Tan
Senior Account Manager: Sheryl Cai
Senior Planners: Chin Hui Shan, Ruth Lim
Production Company: Seven Sundays Films
Film Director: Claude Jerome Rodriguez (iClaudius)
Director Assistant/Producer: Claudine Sequerah
Producers: Rodney L Vincent, Rofano Lubis
Line Producer: Way-J Yap
Cinematographer: Alan Yap
Post Production Company: Hogarth
Producer: Norsiah-Othman Bte. Hassan
Post-Production Producers: Chua See Yeng, Eddy Lam
Audio Producer/Engineer: Christopher Cheah, Daniel Ngo
Offline Editors: Soh Zhiliang, Azhar Ismon
Colorist: Tsu Jin Ng
Motion Graphic Artists: Zarifah, Joyce Lee
Online Artists: Davadrian Maramis, Richard Ramos
Print Producer: Henry Nguyen
Photography: Studio Daydream
Photographers: Dominic Phua, Chloe Cheng
Digital imaging Studio: The Rabbit Hole
Digital Imaging Crafter: Evan Lim

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