Singapore Calls on People to Help Save Water in New Campaign via VML

“Water conservation shouldn’t be a chore, but something we are proud to do.”


Singapore’s National Water Agency, PUB, has teamed up with VML Singapore for a new campaign encouraging Singaporeans to conserve more water.

Based on the idea that every act can make a difference, the refreshed campaign tagline, “Save water. Big ways, small ways. All OK!”,  aims to spur people across the nation to play their part in building a sustainable water future for Singapore.

The campaign launched in conjunction with PUB’s annual Singapore World Water Day Celebrations in March, this year’s campaign recognizes the different ways people across Singapore are incorporating good water habits into their daily lives.


From simple actions like turning off the tap whilst brushing your teeth, to recycling and reusing rice water, or making a more conscious effort to purchase water-efficient products, the campaign highlights that each action, no matter how big or small, matters.

VML collaborated with PUB to conceptualize a light-hearted launch video to communicate these ideas, along with colourful campaign visuals, social content, and a launch event to mark Singapore World Water Day on March 9, 2024.

According to the campaign, Singapore currently consumes about 440 million gallons of water per day. As the population and economy continues to grow, total water demand is projected to double by 2065, with the non-domestic sector expected to account for two-thirds of this demand.



The threat of climate change is also expected to impact Singapore’s already limited water resources, underlining the need for more action to conserve water resources to ensure the resilience of the nation’s water supply.



“Water conservation shouldn’t be a chore, but something we are proud to do,” said Nimesh Desai, CEO, VML Singapore.

“The campaign aims to celebrate all of the efforts people are already making, encouraging them to keep up the good work in big and small ways, whilst giving them useful pointers on what they can do to start.”


VML Singapore
Mateusz Mroszczak, Chief Creative Officer
Gerald Chue, Group Creative Director
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Ee Min Goh, Junior Art Director
Shalom Lim, Junior Art Director
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Nazurah Zulfakir, Junior Producer

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