Singapore Airlines Launches a New Sound Identity

    The music was performed by the Budapest Symphony Orchestra.

    By Asia Ad Junkie - Apr 15, 2021
    Singapore Airlines Launches a New Sound Identity

    Singapore Airlines, in collaboration with branding agency DLMDD, has unveiled a new sonic identity entitled “The Sound of Singapore Airlines” that will be experienced throughout every passengers’ journey.

    The sonic identity is comprised of three 10-minute instrumental tracks entitled “Landing Music”, “Boarding Music” and “Lounge Music”.

    The new musical identity was created by composer Rohan De Livera, in collaboration with audio architect Dominic Murcott and was inspired by the new Singapore Airlines batik motif, which pays homage to its brand heritage. The tracks reflect the original batik motif of the cabin crews’ sarong kebaya and Singapore’s status as a garden city.

    Dominic Murcott designed and built a unique digital instrument capable of translating the visual world of the batik and developing the color frequencies of the 10 featured flowers in the new motif into 14 sets of melodic fragments. Composer De Livera used the instrument to create the symphonic melodies heard in the trilogy, performed by the Budapest Symphony Orchestra.

    “There has never been a more important moment in history for an airline to tell and evolve its story in the skies,” said Max De Lucia, founder and client director.

    “This is a truly stunning sonic identity that not only pushes artistic possibilities and technological capabilities, but most importantly brings collaborators from all corners of the world together to create something bold, innovative and unique that’s going to live with the airline for many years to come.”

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