Sid Tuli Promoted to Managing Director at BBH Singapore

    The current CEO, John Hadfield, will return to the UK.

    By The Staff - Feb 4, 2021
    Sid Tuli Promoted to Managing Director at BBH Singapore

    BBH Singapore has announced a new leadership structure following news that John Hadfield, the current CEO of BBH Singapore, will relocate back to the UK in the Summer.

    Sid Tuli, the current Head of New Business, will be promoted to the role of Managing Director and the agency will be appointing a new Chairperson.

    Both leaders will join the agency’s existing leadership team that includes CCO Sascha Kuntze, CFO Natasha Lindsay-Barker, and CSO Jacob Wright.

    BBH Singapore has won numerous Creative, Strategy, and Company awards at local, regional, and global levels; with a recent highlight being AdAge International Agency of the Year in 2018, also placing Runner Up in 2015.

    “While we are immensely grateful to John for his exemplary leadership over the past sixteen years, we are also very excited about the next phase,” said Neil Munn, Global CEO, BBH.

    “BBH Singapore is a world-class business primed to play a broader role on the global stage. This is why we are delighted to elevate Sid Tuli to MD, following his brilliant contribution to clients such as Absolut, Nike, and Riot, in tandem with the introduction of a new Chairperson role.”

    Hadfield transferred to BBH Singapore in 2005 from BBH London. Under his leadership, the agency has grown significantly in scale and influence, from a small boutique to an Agency operating on a global stage.

    “My transfer from BBH London was scheduled to last three years,” said Hadfield. “That was sixteen years ago. It shows the love we have developed for Singapore; the people, the place, and the Agency.”

    “We have achieved so much together – remarkably last year was a record year on all key measures – there is great momentum and a fantastic group of people here who I’m sure will continue to do wonderful things.”

    “Our plan has always been to return to the UK for a key stage of our kids’ education, and this has been scheduled within the business for the past few years. As I prepare to leave, my underlying feeling is a sense of gratitude to all those great people I’ve been lucky enough to work with over the past 16 years.”

    Tuli joined BBH Singapore in 2010 and has grown through the ranks to run key global clients including Absolut, Nike, and Riot Games. In his new role, he will report to Neil Munn, Global CEO of BBH.

    “I am truly humbled and honored by the trust placed in me and I look forward to working with Sascha, Jacob, Tash, and every one of the incredibly talented people at BBH Singapore to build on the momentum in the business and see where it takes us next,” added Tuli.


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